Writer, editor, stumbler after Jesus


Freelance writer and editor Andy Butcher was six when he learned that words have worth. He scratched his name on a small table, and his mother fined him a week’s allowance. He has since reversed that process, being paid to write for newspapers, magazines, book publishers, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

His career has seen him live in and work in three countries, and travel to more than 30 others. His work has been published in scores of titles around the world. He has won state and national awards for his journalism, and one of the books he co-authored was named a national book of the year.

In addition to writing and editing, Andy has taught widely on writing and communications, including leading three-month intensive journalism schools for international students.

Andy and his wife, Marcia, live on Florida’s Emerald Coast. They share six children and seven grandchildren—whom he ensures are never left alone near furniture while holding a sharp object. When not writing or editing, he likes running, music, and chocolate, though not all at the same time. He also enjoys reading what others have written or edited, especially if chocolate is involved.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Juliette McNeil

    Working with Andy Butcher as my editor was a match made in heaven. He was able to take my voice and experiences and transform them into an incredible work of art. I very highly reccomend Andy as a writer/editor to all aspiring authors!

    Alexandria, VA


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