Turning the corner the reflection in the large department store window caught my eye. The man was sporting the same shirt I was wearing. Oh, it was me. In that moment I saw what was an accidental glance that lasted just an instant. The reality is, in that fleeting moment I saw more than I had seen in the mirror that morning.

I had expected the man in the mirror. But the man in the moment, of unexpected encounter with an unexpected reflection, saw a brief snippet of how others see me externally. Older. Grayer. Fatter. Shorter. Wearied and more wrinkled.

When looking in the mirror, it is, as Andy says, “I’m not actually seeing myself as I really am.” What really concerns me is that if I can be so easily fooled on the exterior man, how much so on the interior man.

Today’s note from Andy is a reminder to me that who I see on the inside is probably equally as ill represented as who I see on the outside. The truth is, I probably could not bear even a momentary department store window reflection of who I am inside.

All the more need to be hid in Christ.