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Holding fast

We’re heading out on an overseas trip, and given my propensity for finding myself somewhere other than where I am supposed to be, there’s been some talk about Marcia and I getting tee-shirts like the couple whose picture has been doing the rounds online.

The back of his says, “If lost, please return to Doris.” The back of hers reads, “I’m Doris.”

Having been known to get lost going to another part of the house, let alone venturing out into wide open spaces, this kind of tracking aide could be useful, but I prefer a less obvious approach. Whenever we do go out in public, I like to keep a tight hold of Marcia’s hand. It’s practical and, I like to think, biblical.

After all, when God gave His Marriage 101 course in Genesis 2, He instructed, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife…” (verse 24, ESV). Perhaps He knew that we guys were prone to wandering off, if not careful.

It’s interesting to me that God tells Adam to hang on tight, not Eve. Maybe that’s because, having been created in relationship, she knew it was essential from the get-go. Staying close was part of her DNA. He, meanwhile, was perhaps still under the impression that he could go it alone, having needed God’s help in realizing that something was missing: the right partner.

Once you have found her, you just don’t want to let go. You want to hold tight, with your hand, your heart, your head, and everything you’ve got. No wandering off, no losing direction. You get there together. Hand in hand.

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